Master Your Money Game

26th of November | Melbourne

The ultimate money workshop for entrepreneurs, creatives and freedom seekers.

+ Never stick to boring-ass budgets?
+ Stress about money all the time or just totally avoid it?
+ Want to get beyond just making a living?
+ Want to just feel f’ing good about money and some to stay in your bank account?

Then read on…

In this 1 day interactive workshop you will be guided on a journey to transform your relationship with money, clear your money blocks, align with abundance and create a practical inspired money plan.

You will also learn Alexis’ money management system that has transformed many people’s lives and captures perfectly how to balance feeling abundant and living in the now, while also investing in the future and life you desire.

I truly enjoyed Alexis’ Master Your Money Game workshop. I would probably do it again if I had the chance!

Wrapping my head around my finances and my ‘money game’ has always been something that has eluded me. Alexis presents concepts around money, spending, and general outlook about budgeting and planning that was easy to understand, relatable, and very non-intimidating. I actually walked away from the day feeling quite excited about strengthening my relationship with my money and a lot more calm about moving forward with learning to budget.

Master Your Money Game is a day of information and conversation that would benefit anyone who has any ambition to get more clear and more positive about their funds and ability to manage them. It’s certainly helped me feel like I’m rocking my game more!

Janice Formichella

Editor and Social Media Manger

There is a lie that acts like a virus within the mind of humanity. And that lie is, ‘There’s not enough good to go around. There’s lack and there’s limitation and there’s just not enough.’
– Michael Beckwith

I came from a background of regarding a focus on money as crass or even immoral. It’s been great seeing Alexis’ view that money is simply a neutral resource that amplifies you, amplifies what you already are. I feel inspired to harness money in order to reach my goals and facilitate living my life purpose. Thanks Alexis!

Sarah Natalie

Speech Pathologist

This workshop is like no other money workshop, we dive deep into money mindset, what the Law of Attraction means and how you can use it and black-and-white numbers to create an inspired practical strategy for you to implement (and play with) in your life.

What you’ll walk away with…

+ A plan that lets you KNOW you’re doing enough and taking you on the path to where you want to go.
+ Crystal clear clarity of your money goals, why they’re important and how to take the next step.
+ Feeling of ease and abundance with money, no more fear, stress and ‘not enough’ feeling.
+ Learn how to open yourself to see and attract abundance all around you.

I really had no idea what to expect from this workshop. I was blown away by the amount information, resources and mindset change provided in the course. If you are looking for an upgrade in your relationship to money Alexis delivers on all fronts.

Rod Williams

Community Manager

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When: 10am4pm, 26th of November 

Where: The Cowork Collective, Brunswick East, Melbourne

Investment: Early bird $127 ends 16th Nov, full price $147

Why learn from Alexis?

A little over two years ago I sank onto my couch, crying uncontrollably, basically hyperventilating, in total fear and anxiety at how I would pay my rent.

It was at this point that I realised money is a whole lot more than just paper. It’s our security, our freedom, our power of choice and it’s the way in which we support ourselves in this society – and it’s emotional!

Rewind 2 years before that, I was 6 months into my first full-time job as an engineer. I worried about money from time to time, but I had it consistently rolling on every month, rail, hail or shine.

Back in my living room on the couch, I’d left my job 8 months earlier and my savings were gone. It somehow felt like it was the first time I truly had to ‘fend’ for myself financially – with no wage and learning to create your own income, it was (and is!) a totally different world!

It was right there, on the couch that I decided I needed to master this money game. I still wanted freedom. I still wanted purpose and I was determined not to give that up yet I needed to learn a new way to support myself, figure out this Law of Attraction thing and do everything in my power to climb out of this hole I was in. I had never been so hungry (or desperate) to learn.

And so I did. I studied to work of many renown money and abundance teachers. I studied and experimented with the ‘woo woo’ stuff and then, the thing that changed everything was when I started to create a practical system, pooling everything I’d learnt to manage my money and create stability in my life again.

From having -$2k to my first $1k back in the bank, then $5k, then $10k, until after 12 months I had $30k back in the bank. To some that might sound like a lot (I was dumbfounded) and to others it might not sound like much. But it’s not about the $ figures, it’s about transforming YOUR relationship with money in whatever scale that means to you. I only share my story as an example.

I didn’t get a full-time job, I didn’t have a great income, I wasn’t running a thriving business (or even running a business at all for most of it). The principles just work.

Two years after starting my system, I’ve honed it and it has not only changed my life, it’s transformed the lives of others. 

Money’s not a finished story for me. It’s an ongoing relationship, it’s a resource, it’s constant choices about my time and energy and what I want to focus on and I’m constantly learning and applying.

It’s from my experience, and my passion for freedom and a life of choice, that I come to you today offering this workshop. Money in itself is nothing, really. But money with a purpose, money with clarity – that changes your life, not to mention the thousands of others you share your gifts with when you’re not worrying about, or restricted by, money.

I wanted to improve my relationship to money and learn some strategies on a psycological and practical level. Alexis facilitated and delivered this. Thank you!

Giuliano Avedikian

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When: 10am4pm, 26th of November 

Where: The Cowork Collective, Brunswick East, Melbourne

Investment: Early bird $127 ends 16th Nov, full price $147

This workshop is for you if you;

+ Stop stressing and thinking about money all the time.
+ You have a bigger vision for yourself and money is holding you back.
+ Want to turn your hopeless feeling around money into confidence and anticipation.
+ Want to intentionally use money as a resource to live joyfully and build the future you desire.
+ Want to use money to do good things and be a kind loving person.

This workshop is not for you if you;

+ You don’t want to take control of your money situation.
+ You don’t want to use your money with clear purpose and intention.
+ You want to struggle and be a victim to the system.
+ You think it’s ok to make money by being dishonest.


There are no refunds for cancellation or change of mind, please give your ticket on to a friend! However, my guarantee to you is that if you participate in the workshop and by the end think it’s a load of bull, tell me within 48 hours of the workshop ending and I’ll refund your ticket. You must participate in the full workshop for this refund.

Still not sure if this is right for you?

Send me an email at alexis/at/ or call 0419 754 543 and let’s chat, whether you decide to come or not I’ll honestly talk through with you what’s best for you.

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When: 10am4pm, 26th of November 

Where: The Cowork Collective, Brunswick East, Melbourne

Investment: Early bird $127 ends 16th Nov, full price $147

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