A transformational money journey for creatives, entrepreneurs and freedom seekers.

Learn the embodied wealth practices and practical tools to fuel your vision. 

+ Do you have a dysfunctional relationship with money?
+ Are you an underearner, overwhelmed debtor, indulgent spender or compulsive saver?
+ Would you love to have a pleasurable and healthy relationship with your finances?

Hi 🙂

We’re Alexis and Clare. 

We help creatives, entrepreneurs and freedom seekers develop a loving relationship with themselves and money. We are passionate about supporting you in creating the means to share your gifts with the world.

Making Money Pleasurable is a 5-week journey on Thursdays that we are facilitating for you to become more present, organised and open to receiving wealth.

Money can either make you miserable or help support the realisation of your deepest dreams.

Money isn’t something you figure out once and for all, it evolves and deepens along with you”

– Bari Tessler

Throughout the 5-week intensive we’ll explore the elements to making money pleasurable. 

1. Inspired money planning
2. Financial forgiveness
3. Awakening your pleasure power centre
4. Simple money systems
5. Transforming money shame
6. Community sharing
7. Embodied gratitude
8. Easeful selling
9. Truthful presence 

Each week you will attend a 3-hour group class on a Thursday. We’re offering 2x classes this term;

+ 10am – 1pm, or 

+ 7pm to 10pm


+ More confidence with your finances
+ A personally tailored money plan using Alexis’s money management system, The Abundance Planner and Tracker
+ Clarity and ease around your finances
+ A felt sense of your true value
+ More connected to your body and your ability to receive
+ Cutting your money ties with the past
+ A connection to community and support
+ Laying the financial foundation for your vision

This program is a safe, supportive space for you to mature your relationship with money.


+ You want to stop stressing about money all the time
+ You have a big vision for your life and money is holding you back
+ You want to become present, organised and open to receiving wealth


+ You aren’t willing to take practical action
+ If you are, or want to stay, dishonest with your finances
+ If you want to stay in your comfort zone and let life happen to you

Thursdays, 15th of Feb – 15th of March

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Morning class: TBA

Evening class: Collingwood


$450 Super early bird (4x avail. at this price)

$497 Early bird (4x avail. at this price)

$597 Full price

Tickets are non-refundable. However, can be gifted to someone else.


Spaces are strictly limited to 12


Water bottle, money journal and pen.


Please wear comfortable clothing to move around in.

If you have any questions feel free to email Alexis or Clare at any time.
>> alexis@alexisharvey.com
>> clareelizabethdea@gmail.com


Clare Elizabeth Dea

Nominated for Telstra Business Woman Of The Year, Clare is a dynamic influencer working internationally as a performer, speaker and transformation coach.

Clare is hugely passionate to help you be authentically confident to bring all of yourself to everything you do.

In 2014, Clare wrote her first book ‘The One Breast Goddess – Transforming Shame into Beauty” sharing life-changing tools. Some of these practices shared in the book are extremely relevant to what she teaches in her money workshops.

She started running her ‘Making Money Sexy’ workshops at the start of the year and has received rave reviews. People transforming their relationship to their finances, making amends with others and becoming more present, organised and open to receive wealth.

She is very excited to journey with you 🙂

Alexis Harvey

Alexis helps freedom-seeking entrepreneurs and creatives hit their income and saving goals and gain confidence and clarity with money.

She coaches clients through their ‘money relationship’ and aids them in creating a money plan with soul and purpose. It’s a bit like being in money therapy!

This year Alexis launched her signature money workshop, Master Your Money Game, filling the gap in the market for a holistic approach to money transformation.

Over the past 2 years she has developed her own personal money management system which is now used internationally, that she teaches and has helped people get out of debt completely while still taking overseas holidays and putting money into savings, living a lifestyle they didn’t know was possible for them right now, not in some distant future.


I recently had an opportunity to see Clare present as a guest speaker at ‘Master Your Money Game’ workshop and at her own ‘Making Money Sexy’ event. Clare is warm, wise, witty and fun and presents in an engaging and entertaining way. She shared her own experiences with money and made connections with money and pleasure that made so much sense to me.

Clare introduced me to ideas like ‘Orgasmic Organisation’ and ‘Radical Receptivity’ which have transformed the ways I view giving and receiving.

I highly recommend attending Clare’s workshops as they are informative and fun.

Yvette Holdsworth

Teacher and Writer

I truly enjoyed Alexis’ money workshop. I would probably do it again if I had the chance!

Wrapping my head around my finances and my ‘money game’ has always been something that has eluded me. Alexis presents concepts around money, spending, and general outlook about budgeting and planning that was easy to understand, relatable, and very non-intimidating. I actually walked away from the day feeling quite excited about strengthening my relationship with my money and a lot more calm about moving forward with learning to budget.

Alexis’s money workshops provide information and conversation that would benefit anyone who has any ambition to get more clear and more positive about their funds and ability to manage them. It’s certainly helped me feel like I’m rocking my game more!

Janice Formichella

Editor and Social Media Manager

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