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Money transformation coaching for creatives, entrepreneurs and freedom seekers.

It’s your time to transform your relationship with money.

Learn my purpose and values-driven approach to money with both easy practical strategies and emotional clearing to transform your finances.


+ Does the thought of money make your check out or feel overwhelmed?

+ Do you feel like money holds you back from expressing yourself to the fullest and living your truth?

+ Do you feel stuck at a certain income or financial level?

Hi, I’m Alexis

I help freedom seeking creatives, coaches and entrepreneurs to connect with their money truth and hit their income and savings goals. I coach clients through their ‘money relationship’ and aid them in creating a practical money plan with soul and purpose.

It’s a bit like being in money therapy!

Why learn from me?

A little over two years ago I sank onto my couch, crying uncontrollably, basically hyperventilating, in total fear and anxiety at how I would pay my rent.

It was at this point that I realised money is a whole lot more than just numbers on paper. It’s our security, our freedom, our power of choice and it’s the way in which we support ourselves in this society – and it’s emotional!

Rewind 2 years before that, I was 6 months into my first full-time job as an engineer. I worried about money from time to time, but I had it consistently rolling on every month, rail, hail or shine.

Back to my living room on the couch, I’d left my job 8 months earlier and my savings were gone. It somehow felt like it was the first time I truly had to ‘fend’ for myself financially – with no wage, no student allowance and learning to create my own income, it was (and is!) a totally different world!

It was right there, on the couch that I decided I needed to master this money game. I still wanted freedom. I still wanted purpose and I was determined not to give that up yet I needed to learn a new way to support myself, figure out this Law of Attraction thing and do everything in my power to climb out of this hole I was in. I had never been so hungry, or desperate, to learn, this was survival!

And so I did. I studied to work of many renown money and abundance teachers. I studied and experimented with the ‘woo woo’ stuff and then, the thing that changed everything was when I started to create a practical system, pooling everything I’d learnt to manage my money and create stability in my life again.

From having -$2k to my first $1k back in the bank, then $5k, then $10k, until after 12 months I had $30k back in the bank. To some that might sound like a lot (I was dumbfounded) and to others it might not sound like much. But it’s not about the $ figures, it’s about transforming YOUR relationship with money in whatever scale that means to you. I only share my story as an example.

I didn’t get a full-time job, I didn’t have a great or consistent income, I wasn’t running a thriving business (or even running a business at all for most of it). I just got really smart about my money, became very present with it and followed principles that I figured out that just worked.

Two years after starting my system, I’ve honed it and it has not only changed my life, it’s transformed the lives of others. 

Money’s not a finished story for me. It’s an ongoing relationship, it’s a resource, it’s constant choices about my time and energy and what I want to focus on and I’m constantly learning and applying.

It’s from my experience, and my passion for freedom and a life of choice, that I come to you today offering this workshop. Money in itself is nothing, really. But money with a purpose, money with clarity – that changes your life, not to mention the thousands of others you share your gifts with when you’re not worrying about, or restricted by, money.

Money can either make you miserable or help support the realisation of your deepest dreams.

– Bari Tessler

Together we choose the focus of your coaching, it can be as broad or specific as needed, including but not limited to;

+ Getting clarity around your money

+ Finding financial purpose

+ Learning how to use money to fuel your vision

+ Healing your relationship with money

+ Creating freedom with and through money

Coaching with Alexis is a safe, non-judgement, confidential, supportive space where you can develop and heal your relationship with money both on the inside and outside.

Ongoing coaching packages available after one initial session.


+ You want to stop stressing about money all the time

+ You have a big vision for your life and money is holding you back

+ You want to become present, organised and open to receiving wealth


+ You aren’t willing to take practical action

+ If you are, or want to stay, dishonest with your finances

+ If you want to stay in your comfort zone and let life happen to you


Skype or in person in Brunswick East, Melbourne.


$160 upfront one-off payment.

*Sessions are non-refundable (and I’ve never had someone that wanted a refund).


Depending on our focus for your session, could be nothing, pen and paper or laptop.


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I loved working with Alexis, it was easy, fun and insightful. She guided me with questions that made me expand my thinking about why I feel what I feel in a way that made me feel completely safe and comfortable. I definitely got a lot out of the one hour session and now feel confident that I can better achieve my money goals. I would highly recommend her for anyone wanting more clarity on what might be holding them back. Jamie-Lee Howard

Founder, Delectable Tours

My one-on-one session was eye-opening and full of practical tips that I’m confident I can easily implement myself. It was clear that Alexis had the knowledge, skill set, and empathetic personality to be providing the personalised service, and above all it felt like she genuinely wanted to help. I’m actually looking forward to getting organised and taking back control of my finances. Marnie Shanahan

Freelance Social Media Manager

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