The Abundance Planner & Tracker

The Ultimate Practical Money Management System

How to manage your spending and saving to create a life you LOVE!

Too busy with life to sift through the dollars and cents budgeting strategies?

Bored out of your brains out with financial mumbo jumbo?

Afraid you’ll be stuck in a job coasting or trying to survive while the years tick by?

And your heart’s and soul’s desires slip away…

Then the Abundance Planner and Tracker might be just the thing for you, a system and practical tool to Plan and Track your money for life

Where did the AB&T come from?

A few short years ago I started working in my first full time professional job as an engineer. I was paid VERY well and after the first year I had absolutely nothing to show for it. I had no plan or strategy for my money, and so it just fell through my fingers.

The next year I made a plan. I made multiple accounts, each with a specific purpose. I made a budget and I made goals of how much I wanted to have by the end of the year to quit my job and pursue my passions!

After quitting my job one year later I went on to spend ALL of my savings before I made any money and I actually had to borrow $2,000. I had managed my spending SO poorly. Or you could say I didn’t manage it at all, I buried my head in the sand. I just didn’t know how to change my spending habits.

So I created a system. A system based on what I learnt about manifesting and the Law of Attraction – but that was also down right practical and could allow me to sleep at night!

Fast forward 12 months and I have multiple 5 figures in savings, with a purpose. I invest regularly in my education, I actually feel fantastic giving away a percentage of my income and I could put a deposit on an investment property!

Note: I didn’t go back to full time working and I didn’t work on growing a business in this time. I used this simple tool, got real, got smart and got really good with my money and FEELING good about it (there lies the key to abundance).

My biggest hesitation in buying the Abundance Planner & Tracker (AP&T) was ‘would it benefit me?’. After one month of using the AP&T it has changed OMG EVERYTHING in my finance and mindset about money. I have reviewed all my finances and pulled my head of my financial bum. I know to the cent how much I owe, I have a plan in place to pay off everything (except mortgage) ASAP. As well as a saving plan – both of which are in action. Changed my mindset to one of fear to oh hell I’ve got this – also I actually had far more income than I thought I did… I know, right! Before the AP&T, I was spending every day fretting and worrying about money. Now I don’t, I know where I am at I am clear. I am free. I absolutely recommend the AP&T, especially to people like myself who work for themselves and do not have a regular income each month.

Jane Simpson

Owner/Stylist, HiBrows

What exactly is the Abundance Planner and Tracker?

A practical Excel tool that;


  • Enables you to plan and manage your personal finances.
  • Uses the principles of manifestation and Law of Attraction.
  • Built upon the teachings of many money/ Law of Attraction/ financial freedom teachers and leaders including T. Harv Eker’s 6 JARS System, Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad Series… to just name three (otherwise we would be here all day, seriously!)
  • Everything in the tool is automatically calculated. You just need to enter your goals, budget and expenses!


What you actually get…

  • Your own copy of the Abundance Planner & Tracker (spreadsheet) for life, to manage $ effectively FOREVER (or until you have so many investment properties and businesses that you need an upgraded system).
  • Video training on how the system works, the principles behind it and how you can easily use it.
  • BONUS: Work Out Your Saving and Spending Goals tool.

A few results you can expect…

  • Know your exact lifestyle cost.
  • Know how much money you receive and what exactly you have left over.
  • Find out your major money leaks are that probably weren’t even conscious of. Most of us have them! (Can I hear it for takeaway coffee?)
  • Become conscious of exactly where you spend your money each month.
  • Intentionally save towards financial freedom, investing in your education, large expenses, emergencies and giving to others.
  • Learn your spending habits and have the power to change them to align with your values.
  • Have a tool to use DAILY to track your goals against your actuals, recalibrate, know what is realistic from a month-month perspective and IMPROVE on it.


For who? You?

The Abundance Planner & Tracker is for you if you’re ready to get really clear on where you stand financially and start to intentionally plan and track where your money goes and where you want it to. More specifically;

  • You want to stop feeling fear, panic and worry around money and instead feel ease, confidence and control.
  • You are ready to get honest about the money you make, the money you spend and what you can realistically put aside.
  • You are 100% committed to taking responsibility for your life and finances.
  • You want to know clearly where you’re money goes and intentionally direct it to where you REALLY want it to go.

Who is it not for?

This is not for people who think that they should be able to set and forget without putting any effort in. This is not for people who think that there is nothing they can improve on with their spending and saving. This is also not for you if;

  • You want to work for a pay check until you retire at retirement age on Superannuation/Retirement fund with none of your own personal investments.
  • You don’t want to take control of your money situation.
  • You don’t want to use your money with clear purpose and intention.
  • You have no idea how to use a spreadsheet and genuinely don’t want to know how.
  • You want ordinary bookkeeping, not abundant money management.

The Investment

Get your Abundance Planner and Tracker for a single payment of


Use it forever, nothing more to pay ever.


You can use the Abundance Planner & Tracker for 30 days 100% risk free.

My products are here to empower you to take control of your life and create freedom and abundance. Thus, I invite you to try out the Abundance Planner and Tracker for 30 days, and if by the end of the 30 days you don’t feel like it has delivered what was promised, I will happily refund 100% of your money.

PLEASE NOTE: In order for you to be eligible for this refund you must have completed the setup of the Abundance Tracker & Planner and have budgeted and tracked your expenses up to the date you apply for the refund. Why? Because I know that if you put your end of the deal, the Abundance Planner & Tracker will give results. If you did your end of the deal and you don’t get value, then I’ll refund you. Simple.

I was resistant to using the Abundance Planner & Tracker initially, but I knew I wanted to get better with money. As soon as I started using the planner I became so much more aware of all my spending! It was huge for me realising exactly where my money was going. I thought I had a pretty good idea, except the tracker showed me so many things I wasn’t noticing.

I also started feeling really different about my money. Beforehand money was something I didn’t really want to look at even though I knew I wanted to be more savvy with it. Treated it more like a means to an end. After using the Abundance Planner & Tracker I found myself becoming more grateful for every cent. All the richness it brought into my life. I also became accountable for everywhere my money was going. Feeling way more empowered.

The Abundance Planner & Tracker helped me become aware of where I was in relation to things I wanted to save for too. Having an accurate picture of my finances and a clear plan has been amazing! I don’t feel guilty about any of my spending or things I haven’t got yet. It’s so nice to have a tangible way of managing everything.

So grateful Alexis brought this into my life!!!

Josie Harvey

Photographer & Graphic Designer, Josie Harvey




This works for both people with a set income and variable income each month. I have used this entirely a variable income. It is a personal money management system for anyone with income and expenses that want to feel safe they have enough money and feel abundant in the knowledge that they are saving their surplus money strategically towards big expenses, financial freedom, reducing debt, investing in themselves, giving and others.



You will receive accountability and encouragement check in’s via email for the first 30 days to get you going and into the habit of using the tracker. You have no excuses! If you require further support, I offer 1:1 coaching to committed people.



I have designed the tracker to be simple, I have done all of the back-end work for you. You will simply need to enter in your goals, budget and expenses. There are automatic summary tables that give you the overall picture. You will also receive training on using the Abundance Planner & Tracker in Excel.



Babe, managing your money will take time. Depending on the number of transactions you make in a day, this should only take 5 minutes per day to keep up to date and 30-60minutes at the end of each month to review and budget for the next month. It is important that you manually enter in your expenses yourself. This is not ordinary bookkeeping, it is abundant money management.



You don’t have time for just anything. Time is precious. But you make time for whatever you really want to. If you want to manage your personal finances, you will make 5mins/day and 60 mins/month. If you don’t want to make this time and you’re not motivated to change then this is not for you.



All you need to know is what you have spent, enter that in, budget what you expect to spend and that’s all. The rest is done for you. If you have no idea what to budget, don’t worry, after the first month when you have recorded your actual spending, you will have a clear idea of what to budget for the next month.



If you fill in your budget and record your actual expenses I’m confident you will get results. They may start off as behavioural changes and extend into a completely different way you not only see your money but feel about it. And this takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight. This is NOT a quick fix. It is NOT set and forget. However, if this product is TRULY not for you, and it might not be, I have a 30-day money back guarantee.



Yes, there are loads of ‘scammy’ money products out there, promising you the world but delivering nothing. If you really don’t feel right purchasing this product, then you probably shouldn’t. Rest assured, if it really doesn’t work for you, I have a 30-day money back guarantee.



This will make a difference to your personal finances even if you are living above your means right now. It will help you work out how to live below your means or increase your means, discover your money leaks and take control again. It will show you to what degree to need to make serious changes. If you only have $1 to save each month, this will still help you.


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