Hey babe,

I’m Alexis.

First things first, I just want to get one thing straight. I’m no expert, no certified ‘financial’ anything and certainly no perfect master preaching down at you from the mountain tops. 

What I am, is someone in the trenches with you. I do real money talk, non-conventional financial talk. I’m someone that has struggled with money and that continues to be smart and intentional with money in order to pursue the things I want. I’m someone that, through my need for the very same thing as you, has found a way to transform my relationship with money, manage it smartly and effectively and transform it into a harmonious resource in my life that fuels my goals and amplifies the person I want to be – all without a million dollar business.

I have built a money management system that works, that has transformed people’s lives. That has empowered people to get out of consumer debt. To has enabled people to go on overseas holidays when they didn’t think it was possible. That has enabled people to live off a low income in order to spend time pursuing their dreams. That has enabled people to save tens of thousands of dollars that would otherwise have slipped through their fingers.

Using the tools and principles that I teach I was able to go from having -$2,000 to having $30,000 in the bank in 12 months without getting a full-time job OR having a thriving business.

How might you ask? Well, after leaving my cushy 6 figure salary working as an engineer, I decided to take my life into my own hands. Nothing could have prepared me for the emotional rollercoaster of spending all of my savings and having no consistent income, actually, no income at that stage. It was sink-or-swim. Figuring out this ‘money’ game became number one priority to surviving, literally though, I needed money to eat and live.

It was from that rock bottom moment of -$2,000 with no income and the most fear and anxiety that I’ve ever felt in my life, that I started to transform my relationship with money. So, as the problem-solving systems gal I am, I got to work. I started building a system that would enable me to be completely on top of my money situation, drastically reduce money stress and fear and start building my savings again. All the while I studied my butt off about money and abundance. I didn’t just come up with a soulless number strategy, I learnt to truly identify my money (and abundance blocks), align myself with abundance, get clear on what money really meant to me in my life and create a rockin’ relationship with it.

12 months later and $30,000 in the bank, I couldn’t believe what I had achieved. It felt like a miracle.

Now before you start thinking I must have hit some big success, I didn’t. Really, I didn’t! I still didn’t have life figured out. I still wasn’t earning money in my business (can I hear a ‘hobby’!), I still wasn’t ‘successful’ and I hadn’t suddenly ‘made it’. I was still the same me, just with a whole lot less stress and a whole lot more freedom.

This is no quick fix. You’re not going to become a millionaire over night. This is a sustainable way of living.

My work is real talk. Real, tangible, practical tips, ideas, advice and solutions around money. You don’t have to be ‘successful’, fully supported by your business or have it all figured out to seriously upgrade your life and transform your money situation.

My work isn’t for everyone, if my approach doesn’t resonate with you, don’t follow it. Find a teacher that does resonate with your beliefs and values.

I work hard to bring you free information on my blog. So if you have anything you want me to cover, anything you’re struggling with, shoot me an email here and I’ll what I can do.

What’s different about me?

Well, a lot of things, depending who you ask 😉

I find a lot of teachers on money to be either all about the figures and soulless budgets or all intangibles and fluff. I give you both the inner work to clear your money shit and align yourself with abundance, as well as tangible practical strategies to manage your money to grow it and get what you want.

What do I want from you?

‘Hold up, is she asking ME for something?’. Yes, chica, I am. I want you to engage. I want to hear about your struggles and your triumphs. I want to hear your point of view on the discussions in my blog. After all, this is about YOU, not me. And if you feel so inspired, I would love for you to share the pieces you love.

Some fun facts about me that are of absolutely no use to you babe;

+ I’ve battled middle child syndrome

+ My parents let me get my favourite animal, a pet pig when I was 10. It was the BEST!

+ I survived a monkey attack on a narrow foot bridge in India over the Ganges

+ I almost blew off a ridge 4,000m up hiking with Polish monks in Slovakia

+ I won the first half marathon I ever ran

+ I’m also a survivor of holding-a-grudge-about-everything disorder (just ask my sisters)

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